What Can I Do?

  • Attend a Mission Commission meeting the third Tuesday of the month at 5:30 PM in Room 114
  • Share your story – your testimony. We love hearing how God is working in his children’s lives.
  • Visit www.zoehelps.org and watch the video “Helping Children Help Themselves”
  • Sign up for Disciple I or another Bible study. Jesus has lots to say about doing justice and helping the poor, widows, and orphans.
  • Ask Gayle Quay about becoming a lunch buddy at Thomas E. Kerns Elementary
  • Enjoy lunch or breakfast with an elementary or middle school student through the Frazee Center’s Mentor Greenville program. Contact Alise Brown for more information
  • Attend a worship service at Triune Mercy Center Sunday: service at 11:00am, dinner 5:00pm, worship at 6:00pm; 222 Rutherford St, Greenville. Contact Margaret Utley for more info.
  • Help serve a meal at the Frazee Dream Center any Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 6:00 PM. The center is located at 37 Pinckney Street in Greenville. Contact Anna Thompson for more info.
  • Volunteer to serve a meal or be an overnight host for GAIHN (Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network). Contact Bill Shell for more information.
  • Become a Support Circles volunteer at Triune Mercy Center. Contact Rev. Jerry Hill for more information.
  • Purchase a BSUMC Sprouts “God Loves You” necessities bag and then……. Stop and Talk. Contact Gayle Quay for more information.
  • Volunteer to tutor at YouthBASE, an afterschool program that help children in K5-2nd grades to overcome behavioral, academic, social, and emotional difficulties, enabling them to unlock their potential.  Visit youth-base.org for more information

How Can I Increase Awareness and Be An Advocate?

  • Sign up for email legislative and local updates from Bread for the World at www.bread.org.
  • Encourage your place of employment to host a jeans day or dress down day fundraiser once a month and donate the money to a Missions and Outreach Commission supported ministry.
  • Attend a Mission Commission meeting the third Tuesday of the month at 5:30 PM in Room 114.
  • Visit www.justfaith.org or ask Rev. Gayle Quay or Rev. Jerry Hill how you can join a Just Faith group in Greenville.
  • Invite a Missions and Outreach Commission member to give a missions’ update to your Sunday school class. Contact Mendi Knisley for more information.
  • Become a Kairos mission team volunteer. Contact Mary Helms and ask her how to sign up.
  • Read “Enough – Why the World’s Poorest Starve in an Age of Plenty” by Roger Thurow, and then share your response with South Carolina’s congressmen
  • Donate directly to a ministry supported by the Missions and Outreach Commission.
  • Donate at the church or on the BSUMC website directly to the Missions and Outreach Commission – we promise to do our due diligence in deciding which ministries to support.
  • Participate in the annual United Ministries Transformation Walk. (The 27th Annual Transformation Walk will be October 23, 2016.)  Visit the United Ministries website for more information.
  • Tutor an adult who is preparing for the GED at the United Ministries Learning Center.  Visit the United Ministries website for more information.

What Can I Read?