Happy Days Camp

BSU Missions Testimony

44302931_happy_days_hikeThis is my second year serving as a volunteer at Happy Days Camp with children from the Frazee Center. I had had a bad week, but showed up anyway to travel to Asbury Hills even though I was feeling defeated and alone.

It was early in the day while volunteers and campers were gathered together as an invitation was extended to the entire group for someone to pray. A young man, maybe six or seven years-old shot his hand into the air, standing on his tip toes. He was selected and asked to pray loudly so all could hear.

Without hesitation, the young man broke into a crystal-clear, strong prayer of the Lord’s Prayer. He offered no more, no less. Flowing over all gathered was simply one child’s voice. He offered the most perfect prayer, complete for all, and lacking nothing.

I knew right then that I was going to be okay. That God was with us, and that his Holy Spirit can be found while serving a young child who in turn ministered to the group in truth.

To God be the glory,
Jim Abbott