Children’s Needs

Frazee Dream Center

Alt TextThis free preschool provides after school and summer programs for under resourced children in the downtown Greenville area. The program offers assistance and guidance to children ages 3-16 in the areas of academics, character development, sportsmanship, and emotional wellness. In addition, the Frazee Dream Center has a Girl Scout Troop consisting of both Daisy (grades K-1) and Brownie (grades 2-3) Girl Scouts (grades 4-5). Troop 766 meets on Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 PM at the Frazee Dream Center. Volunteers are needed at Frazee in a variety of ways, including: providing meals, mentoring, tutoring and building relationships with these great kids! The Frazee Dream Center is located at 37 Pinckney Street in Greenville. 29601.

Organization Contact: Kim Mogan at
BSUMC Missions and Outreach Contact: Anna Thompson at

Thomas E. Kerns Project

Thomas Kerns Elementary School is a Title One school here in Greenville. BSUMC has partnered with TEK to assist in mentoring & tutoring, while building relationships with the students.

BSUMC Staff Contact: Rev. Gayle Quay at
BSUMC Missions and Outreach Contact: Leigh Andrews at

Happy Days Camp

Happy Days Camp is an annual four-day camp held in August at Asbury Hills for under-resourced children in the Greenville community. This camp involves the kids of the Frazee Dream Center and other area groups. The camp is a wonderful experience for all children and volunteers alike. The children are provided exciting outdoor adventures while gaining an understanding of what it looks like to live as a follower of Christ. It only takes $75 to send a child to HDC! To volunteer or donate contact:

BSUMC Staff Contact: Rev. Kristin Dollar at
BSUMC Missions and Outreach Contact: Anna Thompson at

Scouting at BSUMC

Alt TextBSUMC has very active Girl and Boy Scout troops. Girl Scouts include ages K-12th grade. The Boy Scouts Troop #9 includes: Cubs program (1st-5th grade), Boy Scouts (10 years – 18 years), & the Venture program (14 – 21 years old). Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts meet on Wednesday nights. The Cub Scout program meets on Sunday afternoon, and the Venture crew meets on Mondays. The scouting programs grow young women and men in their faith, teaches them leadership skills, patriotism, and helping others through service, all while giving them an opportunity to learn new skills and tackle their fears. The Scouting Programs are always in need of adults to mentor the scouts, teach classes, or go camping.

Website: and
Organization Contact: Tim Poole at (864) 430-1976 or
BSUMC Missions and Outreach Contact: Tim Poole at (864) 430-1976 or


Alt TextYouthBASE is a non-profit after school and summer program for under-resourced and at-risk children in the Greenville community. YouthBASE focuses on children from K5 to 2nd grade to help them overcome behavioral, social, and emotional difficulties in order to become successful, contributing members of society. Volunteers and tutors are needed.

Organization Contact: Linda Tassie at
BSUMC Missions and Outreach Contact: Justin Benfield at


Alt TextGOAT is “ Great Outdoor Adventure Trips”. GOAT is a non-profit ministry here in Greenville that takes under-resourced and at-risk children on awesome outdoor adventures. These adventures include: indoor rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking, biking, outdoor climbing, and more. GOAT also has a year-round program called “adventure teams” that meets at least once a week for group mentoring, tutoring, bible teaching, leadership training, and outdoor adventures.

Organization Contact: Ryan McCrary at
BSUMC Missions and Outreach Contact: Justin Benfield at

Children’s Needs Contact:
Anna Thompson

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