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ZOE’s unique empowerment program brings orphans and vulnerable children from extreme poverty to self-reliance in just three years. ZOE started as a relief ministry with a feeding program, paying school fees, and offering medical clinics. A native Rwandan noticed these programs unintentionally created dependency in her people, and she led a transition to today’s unique empowerment model. Instead of asking “how can we help these children,” ZOE asks “how can we help these children help themselves.” The children are invited to join a supportive group where they learn and practice food security, basic health and hygiene, small business skills, safe housing, and child rights. In 2015, over 28,000 orphans and vulnerable children are transforming their lives from extreme poverty to self-reliance in just three years. After graduation, these supportive groups continue to work together, often empowering additional orphans and passing along the skills, knowledge, and resources they have received to others. ZOE is now active in Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Liberia, India and Guatemala.

ZOE empowers children to:

  • know God’s love and have hope
  • take charge of their own journey out of poverty
  • become part of a new extended family of peers
  • be supported by members of their own community and staff who speak their language
  • learn to grow, or buy, their own food
  • start businesses and choose their own vocations
  • keep themselves healthy
  • understand their rights
  • find safe housing
  • have access to the small resources needed to make their dreams come true…

BSUMC Missions and Outreach Contact: Wally Fridy at


BSUMC Missions and Outreach Contact: Wally Fridy

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM)

The UMVIM vision is transforming the world through “Christian Love in Action.” The mission is to inspire change in the world, to inform, connect, and equip volunteers, and to interact as servants of Christ. UMVIM exists to promote, encourage, and enable Christians to exemplify “Christian Love in Action” through short-term mission service at home and abroad. The Southeastern Jurisdiction (SEJ) is a branch of the UMVIM, and acts as the short-term mission sending agency of the Southeastern jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church. UMVIM provides opportunities for service by developing and nurturing relationships with domestic and international leaders. We continually nurture our contacts with these leaders to respond to the needs of local communities and provide comprehensive training resources for team leaders to help them prepare their teams for the mission field. 

BSUMC Missions and Outreach Contact: Rev. Kristin Dollar at

Foreign Efforts Contact:
Wally Fridy

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