A Note from Rev. Kristin Dollar

BSU Missions Newsworthy

My name is Kristin Dollar, and I am thrilled to be your new Pastor of Mission and Outreach. I appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received from Buncombe Street UMC members and staff.

Mission work is where I find life and energy. I feel God’s presence most concretely when I am among the more marginalized members of our society, and I am convinced that mission is what keeps the soul of the church alive. At the same time, as an ordained Elder and a graduate of Duke Divinity School, I am here to be your pastor of missions. I want to love and support you as we continue to discern how God is calling us to serve Greenville and our world.

My life has already been changed by Buncombe Street’s mission work. I first discerned a call to ministry through Sunday morning worship at Triune Mercy Center, a ministry for those in vulnerable life situations, which Buncombe Street helped to get off the ground and continues to support.

As a Furman student I interned at Triune, and while I had never attended worship there, I enjoyed helping clients find what they needed and listening to their stories. But later, after a difficult summer, my soul ached to go to church, and so one Sunday morning I found myself sitting in a pew in Triune Chapel next to a man named Robert. That day I came to Triune not as a volunteer, but as someone who was broken and in desperate need of healing. Together with friends and strangers of so many different life circumstances, I cried and sang and prayed, and I held out my hands as Pastor Deb told me that this is the body of Christ, broken for you, Kristin. After the service in Triune’s fellowship hall, some of the very same people I had served in the clothes closet now refilled my sweet tea and listened to my stories.

So far throughout my 27 years, I have noticed that the Holy Spirit tends to make its presence known among the poor, the broken, and the marginalized. Lending a hand to these folks is certainly important, but it is also through “the least of these” that we experience the living reality of Jesus Christ.

I thank you, Buncombe Street family, for the mission work you have already been doing, as it has changed thousands of lives including my own. I am honored to serve alongside you as we follow God’s call together and experience the presence of the Living Christ along the way.