Water Mission Lenten Focus

BSU Missions Testimony

confirmand-water-mission-eventThe third Mission & Outreach Commission and Confirmand session was held on Sunday March 5, for this academic year. This session focus was a new outreach organization that BSUMC is supporting called Water Mission. Water Mission is based out of Charleston, SC, and is BSUMC’s 2017 Lenten focus. The organization is lead by a wonderful group of people who focuses on bringing clean water and the Living Water of Jesus to the 1.8 billion people that lack access to safe water around the world. Pete Byford began the session with an introduction of Water Mission that included a few short videos about their passion and purpose.

Next, MOC members Jim Abbott, Ryan Burnett, and Anna Thompson led the Confirmands in a relay race. Prior to the race, the Confirmands were given statistics about water, such as how much it weighs, how far an average person would walk to gain access to clean water, and how many daily activities the water would be needed for.

The relay race was a ton of fun! The Confirmands were divided into their family groups and each team had to carry a cooler of water around the gym three to five times symbolizing the number of miles the average Third World person would have to walk to get clean water. The race was competitive and educational. Ultimately, I think the Confirmands became more aware of the water crisis that exists today and how important it is to support those whose purpose is to provide clean water to those who so badly need it.

Anna Thompson